Sunday, 30 June 2013

Good Week

What a busy week I have been caught up in, I'm emotionally and physical tired! But the fun kept me going :) got a lot to tell not sure where to start?? 

Anyways ill start where I left off. I meet up with Dylan the next day we went out for lunch, it was awkward in the car when he was dropping me of, he even brought up our kiss from the other night and here I am sitting there sweating up a storm with my mind gone all blank on what to say. But thanks for dylan on always keeping calm and not making it to awkward, we talked to each other on how we are feeling and what we should do, we got close to actually make things official until I guess it's his booty call girl rang. But worst thing that put me was when I asked who it was and he just said a cousin but hah on Instagram didn't look like a cousin cuddling in the bed with a bra on, unless it was but then that's just wired -.- 
So I left it at that staying friend with Dylan cause I could see that he was still the same.

So yesterday I went out with family to the markets, it's pretty big but made my whole way around it. I was in need for some shoes so checked out the shoe place, and dayumm was there a cutie there. I think he even caught me when my jaw dropped. I acted all cool when ever he was looking my direction and so it was time to pay for the shoes he was the only one close to the counter but me being a egg I quickly walked of leaving Taylor to pay for my stuff. I know what the hell it was my chance of talking to him but I'm a chicken ill admit it. But thanks for Taylor best wing man ;) he put his number on the receipt for me. I'm not being cocky or anything but this guy from the others that always trying get my attention he sure had mine. 
Then later on at night we went out to the clubs it was our last time in our hotel, had fun a little downer when Dylan was there and his booty call girl ended up at the same club as us so it's got abit of tension between me and him and our friends could see it, but I didn't let it ruin my night. 

And now from today had a bit of a hangover but wasn't to bad from other that I thought I was gonna die from. Hit the gym with my brother haven't   been training in awhile, and never guess who I saw gym that cutie from the market. I was running on the treed mill when he walked pass smiling and here I with a red face I smiled back and nearly tripped on my feet. 5mins later I look over my shoulder to see him and my brother talking, it was time to go home was getting abit late plus I was cooking tonight for everyone. I walked over to my brother where he was next to the cutie (his name Jarvis) we made eye contact and just keeper smiling and making my blush ahhh! My brother introduced us and had a strong grip shaking my hand but I was more waiting for a kiss on the check lol. My brother went over the other side to get his bottle and I waited with Jarvis cause we where close tithe exit. He said oh your that girl that got your friend to get your shoes laughing his head of I just went quiet and smiled away at his cute laugh, he asked why I didn't text or call him. But ah you think I would text or call you when I couldn't even let you serve me, I gave him my number cause I still wasn't going to text him to shy don't know why I guess boys just make me shy. So later on tonight after cooking dinner I got a text and it was Jarvis I was actually surprised he texted. So right now we are texting each other, he seems like a nice guy plus his body makes it more better. Hopefully ill see him at the gym again tomorrow! Haha I can stalk him while he works out 

Maybe this is Dylan's replace meant that's waiting for me ??? 

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  1. Sorry I keep commenting on your posts. I feel the same way about David. We had a mini-thing but now that its Summer here in the US, I'm convinced he has lost feelings (although I don't have any proof he has.) So now I'm trying to keep my options open, just like you.