Tuesday, 2 July 2013

Come and Go

Im starting to find that I'm letting people come in and out of my life easy, but the ones that are going out I was smart enough to not let them get to close where it will hurt me. 

But Dylan I let him in to close, close enough to my family... I haven't talked to him since the little scene at the club with his booty call girl. I guess I still think about him but not so much now since Jarvis jumped into the picture. Speaking of Jarvis I saw him again at the gym the other day and from all our texting he asked to go out to lunch tomorrow! Yay so I'm looking forward for that :) 
I still don't know much about him yet, I have know idea what nationality he is, not that it matters but would like to know his background I mean he could be a serial killer lol. 

Enough about boys now.... Iv been looking for a job since I'm going to be home for the next few months before I travel to Hawaii I need some money, cause I feel bad always using my parents money. But it's hard looking for a job right now everyone here are not really looking for workers. And my wallet is empty but filled with my parents money on it. They have always given us kids everything and anything that we needed or wanted and I want to give back for them. Ah wish I had a money tree !

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  1. Hey Lisa,
    I'm Cat and would love to chat with you, do you have a private email I can reach you on?
    or mine is contact@thegradlab.com.au