Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Week booked to relax

Well telling my parents about my brother and his partner being pregnant went well abit emotional for my mother, but we are all happy family :) 

My parents booked me, my best friend (her names Taylor) and my brother and his parent a hotel room for the week, it's pretty great! Iv got a good view to the beach to check the surf and not to far from the central night life wooo! 

Anyways from my last little blog I was going to tell you's about Dylan texting me... It felt nice texting him again we updated each other where we are at in. Our life's now, he's doing a diploma while studying at uni which I'm happy for him he sounds like he's got his career sorted, he didn't mention anything about a girl in his life which I'm a bit happy i don't know why I guess I still want to be that girl in his life and no other girls, but I guess I have to try and let him go... I feel alright texting him but seeing him I don't think I would handle being face to face with him I know my feeling will come back..
 Oh forgot to mention my brother told him to meet us all down at a bar tonight with other friends, I know what my brother trying to do sneaky boy he is. It's going to be 7 months now since I haven't seen him I heard he's gone more cuter ahh I hope my night goes well!! 

I'm so nervous to see him tonight, i don't know if ill have control on my emotions, i do still love him but i then have my reasons to not be with him :( im so confused! But I'm happy Taylor here with me she's always been there for me no matter what. 

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