Sunday, 23 June 2013

Forgive or Forget

Up went my walls again, but some how my father could always squeeze through the cracks.. He was the only man that could always have my heart, he had always been there when i hit rock bottom. He was a man who always forgives and a man that always puts other before him, but i never understood how he could forgive easily when that person has hurt you so bad... But my father he was a man with great words and meaning (love ya daddy)

Coming back to Australia after my holiday, my phone wouldnt stop going off! Dylan was trying his best to try and get in contact with me but me being stubborn i turn down all his texts and calls. i hadn't talked to dylan since a week, which i started to miss him so i answered one of his calls, it started of from a big cry apology, to angry why didn't you answer or text me back! then back to his apology.. We sorted out things and i forgave him, we were back to ourselves that happy couple but still had to work more better on our trust issues (well he had to!) couple of weeks later the girl he hooked up with tryed to come into our realtionship and break us up, but that never happened... But what she was saying it actually got me thinking again (she mentioned that they were hooking up 4 times since me and Dylan have been going out) I asked him about it but as boys do to keep them safe he said no only 2 times... ONLY 2 TIMES! Ahh hello that's when I went all syco! Lols he was pretty shocked when he saw me react but hey don't mess with a girls feelings. 

I put Dylan behind me and just forced on what I want to do next year cause it was coming before I knew it ( meaning for 2013) so I enrolled to university to study forensic sciences for 2014 cause 2013 was my year. A year for me to just have a break from realtionship problems and just surf the waves around the world. 

Me and Dylan still keep in contact, we pretty much talk everyday he's at uni now studying engineering. We still have that connection but we put it on a hold as I need to just focus on my self and find that girl who was always out there, I miss him every now and then... We promised each other that we will wait for each other but I feel bad because what if I don't go back and he's left broken hearted or I'm left broken hearted :( 

Anyways I'm back home from Bali. I miss the culture there it was amazing and different from other culture that I have been apart of but the one thing that's all the same is the love for family and the friendship! But it feels good to be home with mums home cooking and seeing my dad again and two brothers love my family !! 


  1. It sounds like your heart is going through so much... I'm praying for you tonight. Take care!


    1. Thanks Riley :) i enjoy reading your blog