Wednesday, 26 June 2013

What a night

Well good morning/ afternoon my bloggers. I woke up to my beautiful view but sadly it's raining but still can see the surf and it looks pretty good, I could say my head is bounding and feeling like a zombie but, I was responsible last night and didn't get to carried away on my drinks :) plus I had to look after my brother in the end Lols it seemed like he hadn't been out in a long time... 

Anyways my night started out with just my brother his partner, best friend and I to a lovely dinner as my brother painter can't go out cause as before I said they are expecting :) so we treated her at a nice restaurant and to finish it of with her favourite ice cream place cold rock it's pretty good. Anyways we went back to our hotel room I'm all nervous and everything to see Dylan again, and yep me trying to always impress dressed all nice and dolled up Lol. 

When we got to the bar everyone was there but I stayed outside for awhile to get ready and see Dylan, it wasn't even a big deal seeing him again don't know why I was being all nervous for. But when I went inside I now understood why I was nervous, he had that beautiful smile with his tight top showing his manly arms, ahh think I fell in love again. I went and sat at the other side of the bar with some other friends cause I didn't have enough balls to go talk to Dylan, next thing I see Taylor calling him over ah man was I sweating like hell! 
We got talking and yeah it went back to normal how we use to talk. He asked me during the night if my boyfriend was gonna join us, I guess that was his way of wondering if I'm with someone, when I said no he was surprised and gave me his sexy smile, in my head I felt like say yeah he's talking to me right now! Ah I wanted him so bad!! Anyways during the night we all had fun catching up with old friends and then coming to the end I turned out to be the baby sitter for my from he wasn't badly drunk just needed help on getting back to our hotel room, before we left Dylan came out of the club where I was waiting for a taxi, he shocked me when he gave me a kissed and whisper in my ear goodnight beautiful :0 I just froze there looking like an idiot but then my brother decides to vomit nearly hit my shoes, but I kinda thank him for it as it quickly change the situation I was in.. I jumped in the taxi while Dylan faves us goodbye.
When we got back to the room I put my brother to bed where his partner ended up sleeping next to me cause of his drunk ass, I couldn't really go  to sleep I couldn't get over what just happened, I had butterflies in my stomach even now thinking about it. I have no idea what to do now??? Help! He rang me this morning but I didn't answer, and then he text me asking if I was ok, I still haven't text or called him back should I text or call him back? I don't know what to say but.. :/ do I talk about lastnigjt or do I just act like nothing happened cause he hasn't said anything yet about what happened.... 

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  1. You guys kissed? That's so cool! I can totally relate to how nervous you were...I've definitely been there. Reading this makes me wonder if I'll ever kiss David...