Monday, 24 June 2013

Home Sweet Home

Early morning surf with my brother. It felt so nice surfing the waves at home, we where even lucky to see a family of whales swimming around it was amazing, the coldness of the water couldn't even put me off (it's winter in Australia right now but it's not to bad of a winter here) the whales presents just made me feel so happy! 

After our surf we went and had breaky. It was great catching up with my brother (he's a year older- and my other brother he's 27 with two kids) me and my brothers are close we always go to each other for help, and I guess why he wanted to take me out surfing and breaky cause he needed my help, his girlfriend is pregnant which is a blessing to have a new addition to the family but, he's only 20 and he's still have more of life ahead of him and that's what I guess he was scared about to tell my parents. I know my father will be up set but he will be so supportive for them, but on the other hand my mother will brake down she always wanted us kids to get a good career and then settle for a family so we have a good job to help the family. Which I agree with the women, but for my brother I can feel his worries to when he has to face our parents. 
Iv never kinda understood why he came to me, why not my other brother who already has kids, where I'm still living young and needing help on my relationship status:/ but being the only girl I have always been a second mother to my brother  the one who's a year older) even though he's older he wasn't an angel of a child and I was always there when ever he got in trouble... 

Anyways we are telling my parents tonight hope all goes well... Oh did I forget to mention Dylan text me as well since I'm back but that's another story to tell for tomorrow 

Stay tuned bloggers ✌:) 


  1. Your blog is interesting, especially since you're in Australia! I'm in the US. Could you add that setting so I can follow your blog? I think you go to layout, click add a gadget, and choose the gadget that says to show your followers :)

    1. oh thanks for that i was wondering how to do that (:

    2. I see that you've added something similar to the one I was talking about, but not exactly. The one I was talking about specifically allows readers to join your site so they can view new posts, rather become friends with you on Google +(although that's cool too). I wish I could tell you what the correct gadget was but I forgot :( Either way, I will still keep up with your posts.