Saturday, 3 August 2013

To Busy For The World Around Me

I have been so busy that its been awhile since my last blog. 

Well July was some busy month for me, emotional and physical. I have been stuff into so much work that its been over taking my free time. 

But one thing that did get some of my attention was Dylan. We had catches up with lunch, I only excepted a little cafe but where I meet him it was at some nice fancy place, I was in my work clothes which i guess was lucky cause it suited the formal dress code at this lunch bar. And he was sitting there with his beautiful smile when I walked in. I wasn't to sure why he wanted to catch up, he knew I have been hanging out with Jarvis. Maybe he was jealous? Everything was good, he might be moving to Hawaii for business if he gets the break thorough. And to mention he looking at apartments to live in. But the thing that got to me was that he was saying our plans that we dreamed of when we were a couple. I don't know why it made me angry, I guess it's because I still want to have that dream with him or maybe with some one els.... 

Jarvis and I on the other hand, have been good. We haven't been hanging out much but always see him at the gym. I gives me some lessons sometimes but the lessons more turn into talking about other things. We have hade some cute dinner dates, that always swept me of my feet. Just everything he does makes me smile and feel more alive. Yesterday he dropped me of home from dinner, we kissed goodbye, but this kiss was different it was more of I don't want to stop. My feelings have been getting stronger every time I'm with him, but I'm afraid to let them all out. I guess I'm just trying not to be that broken hearted girl again... 

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